With our world's growing dependence on technology, our family desires to use the tools available to us to make positive, spiritually valuable content available through this website in service of the Church.

The past few years have been extremely difficult for many. People have lost their jobs, been furloughed, had extended mandatory work from home, lost loved ones, dealt with lengthy separations from family members in nursing homes, among many other life disruptions due to the global pandemic. Also during this time, many experienced extended isolation and a deepening dependence on technology as the only means of social contact and awareness of current events.

Social distancing and isolation became the new normal

In the Digital Age, many of us have relied on technology for news and information for most if not all of our lives. Our phones, tablets and computers have become an essential part of our daily routine and we allow the information we receive through them to shape our thoughts, perceptions, and knowledge in ways we may not fully realize.

Technology is ubiquitous

Lockdowns during the global pandemic have only served to increase our dependence on technology for basic interactions and information sharing. It has been absolutely essential for the Church to make use of the technological means available to it to continue its mission to share the Gospel and equip believers to live the Christian life during these difficult times. As our family has also gone through and been impacted by this global pandemic, we have recognized the value of having quality Christian resources available to us online.

With the increase in screen time many have experienced, it is important for us to remember the admonition of Philippians 4:8 and the importance of having discretion about what we are filling our minds with. Our family feels led to make Equip the Faithful as a small contribution to help believers in need of encouragement and spiritual nourishment. We genuinely desire to develop it into a trusted source for Christians seeking to grow closer to the Lord.

We hope that this site will never be seen as a replacement for attendance of a local Bible-believing church by any one of its users. However, we would be honored if Equip the Faithful was able to reinforce the faith of those who use it and help strengthen their walk with God throughout the week.

*The Equip the Faithful site is run by a Christian homeschooling family. Any financial support received through subscriptions during this introductory period will be used by our family toward the creation of content and resources and to help us pay for the costs of creating, hosting and maintaining…
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