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This month we are recommending works by Dr. James White, a theologian paving the way for children and adults to mature theologically and learn to defend Christianity. Explore books for older children as well as more theologically complex works by Dr. White that will encourage you in your faith.

Dr. James White, (December 17, 1962 - ) director of Alpha and Omega Ministries in Arizona, is a Baptist theologian who has devoted his life to publicly defending Christianity through moderated debates worldwide. He has completed nearly two hundred debates in locations such as Sydney, Australia; Toronto, Canada; London, England; throughout South Africa; and throughout the United States.

His published works and debates examine topics such as Islam, Roman Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormonism, and various topics within Christianity, such as KJV-only-ism, Calvinism, and the Trinity. White also hosts a popular podcast, The Dividing Line, a grab-bag of responses to and discussions of theological topics, political events, recently released books, and White's speaking engagements. Currently, White is a pastor/elder at Apologia Church and a professor of Greek and Systematic Theology. He and his wife reside in Arizona and are the parents to two grown children; five living grandchildren round out his family. 1

Alpha & Omega Ministries

Enjoyable Works

Dr. White co-authored the following children's books with Kevin Johnson. They serve as excellent introductions to subjects that older children should be equipped to deal with. Dr. White has also authored a plethora of theologically focused books that older teens and adults would find beneficial.

An engaging defense of creationism, What's with the Mutant in the Microscope demonstrates Biblical teachings and the fallacies of humanistic claims; focus on understanding the Biblical teachings with younger children and incorporating rebuttals of fallacies with older children.

Learn the basics of communicating with those in cults, identifying the fallacies within their logic, and providing Biblical defenses.

These two books could be used as a vehicle to introduce teens to an author who can help them mature in their theological understanding as they grow into adulthood.


Although originally from Hennepin County, Minnesota, Dr. James White has spent most of his life in the State of Arizona. The last of the contiguous states to enter the Union, Arizona offers a variety of geographical features, from deserts to evergreen forests and mountain ranges to large, deep canyons. God's hand is clearly seen throughout this sixth largest state.

One of the most well-known features of Arizona is the Grand Canyon. One of the world's seven natural wonders, the Grand Canyon displays God's majesty.

Horseshoe Bend

Approximately one-fourth of the land of Arizona is composed of Native American reserves, home to twenty-seven different tribes. The largest group of Navajo within the United States resides in Arizona. The name of the state is derived from the O'odham word for "small spring"; the O'odham are a tribe living in the Sonora Desert. Head over to the Providence Report Missionary Updates page and click on North America on the map to read a summary of missionary work amongst the O'odham people.

Monument Valley

Interestingly, Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time, though there are small regions within the state that do. Although deserts abound, there are sections of Arizona that are conducive to producing crops, such as lettuce, spinach, cantaloupe, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and watermelon. 2


Often Christians only consider pastors or others who have completed considerable Biblical study to be theologians, but, in this copywork, Dr. James White reminds us of the truth. As always, adjust the length of the copywork to the ability of each of your children.

"If you are a Christian, you are a theologian. You have no choice. Theology is simply knowing about God."
-Dr. James White

As parents, our desire is to cultivate a robust Biblical worldview in our children, teaching them what they believe and why they believe it. If your own Biblical knowledge or understanding is lacking, be willing to learn alongside your children. Incorporate apologetics into daily conversations, increasing the rigor as your children grow and mature. Below are some ideas of ways to include theology into daily life.

  • Talk about how God reveals Himself in two ways – through the world around us and through the Bible. We can learn about God from the Bible and from the natural world.

  • Discuss that without God, there would be nothing; God is the first cause of everything.

  • Explore God's design for Earth – a planet perfectly suited for life; compare Earth to other planets to see God's kindness and that the properties of Earth were not established by chance.

  • Help children understand the veracity of the Bible. Discuss the difference between fiction and non-fiction books, how the Holy Spirit directed what the Biblical authors would write, and how we look to the Bible to find answers to questions. Make the Bible the source of answers within your home; find passages to explain principles of Christian living, to demonstrate the character of God, and to remind us of God's promises to us.

  • Take time to answer questions that arise, researching answers if needed.


God has given us multiple means of knowing Him – the Bible and nature. Studying the Bible is critical to developing a solid theology in our children. A good facet of theology to begin a more a thorough study is the character of God. Understanding the attributes of God is a topic that can be simplified for younger children and made more thorough and complex as children mature. Begin by listing some of God's attributes and describing them in two or three levels of complexity, depending on the spread of ages of your children. Include supporting Scripture references as appropriate, particularly with the highest level and an illustration to support your younger children's learning. Here is an example of three levels of complexity for God's omnipotence.


1. God is the strongest one; nothing is too hard for Him.

2. God is all-powerful. He can do anything He wants to do.

3. God is all-powerful and almighty (Psalm 24:8, 2 Corinthians 6:18, and Revelation 1:8). He can do anything He wants to do–nothing is too hard for Him (Genesis 18:14, Jeremiah 32:17, and Luke 1:37). He always acts within His character.

What other attributes of God are foundational for understanding His character? The table below provides some other attributes of God to teach to your children.
















Within nature, we are given ample opportunities to explore the majesty of God's creative hand. The Grand Canyon is a perfect example of God's handiwork.

Grand Canyon

Children can explore its splendor through digital tours; there is a brief mention of millions of years in the introductory section, but this could easily be avoided if desired. In addition, the following video provides a quick overview of some of the animal life and grand views with the canyon.

To extend learning, have children sketch an animal of their preference from the video (or print off a coloring page of the animal) and include facts about the animal around the perimeter of the picture. Coloring the animal and having each child share what they've learned about the creature completes the activity.

Additional Resources

The following links provide resources that can be used to build the foundation for your children's Biblical worldview and help introduce them to Christian apologetics. With each resource listed, consider your family's understanding of various doctrinal issues. Each resource may contain differing views on non-salvific issues; as a family, we use these differences as an opportunity to thoroughly discuss our family's theological understanding.

1. Apologia

3. Case for Christ for Kids

4. Picture books Apologetics

5. Cold-Case Christianity for Kids

6. Keeping Your Kids on God's Side

7. Recommended Books for Training Children | Monergism

8. Amazon.com: James R. White


1. James White - Alpha and Omega Ministries (aomin.org)

2. Arizona - Wikipedia

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