About this site

Equip the Faithful is run by a Christian homeschooling family. We are dedicated to providing resources to encourage and equip believers in their daily walk with Christ, motivating them to fulfill their calling to be salt and light in this world.  

We offer free content including articles, hymnology, devotionals, missionary spotlights, as well as news and commentary videos. We also offer memberships for those who wish to partner with us financially to help offset the costs of the site as well as help us generate more content.

Membership to Equip the Faithful gives you access to an even larger library of content, early access opportunities, and allows you to support us in continuing our mission to create uplifting and edifying resources for the Body of Christ.

Welcome to Equip the Faithful
Hi! Thanks for checking out our website. This inaugural post will explain our intentions for the site and what we hope you’ll soon find here as you explore our content. Please stick around. We have great things planned for the future!

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