Kirk Cameron - Featured Children's Author
Kirk Cameron (1970 - )

Join us on an adventure to Freedom Island with Kirk Cameron as we explore today's issues from a Biblical perspective through skillfully written children's books. Learn about the fruit of the Spirit and about the process of germination.

Kirk Cameron (October 12, 1970 - ) is an actor turned author who values educating children about traditional values. He has partnered with Brave Books as an author of three children's books. Brave Books values faith, family, and America through creating partnerships with authors who create stories that occur on Freedom Island; their books provide a springboard to have deeper conversations about issues children will face in a Biblical way.

Cameron was born in California, near Los Angeles, and is the brother to three sisters. One sister, Candace Cameron Bure, held the role of DJ on Full House. Kirk Cameron's acting career began at nine with a cereal commercial; as such, much of his schooling was completed on set. Kirk Cameron is perhaps most well-known for his role as Mike Seaver on the show Growing Pains during the late 1980s and early 1990s. During this time, he was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards. Cameron was an atheist in his early teens, but came to faith at age 17 during his time as Mike Seaver. He began insisting that scenes mirror Christian morals and values. Over the years, Cameron held other roles and has made multiple guest appearances on television shows. Eventually Kirk Cameron left mainstream media, only making appearances on Christian productions, such as Fireproof.

Cameron is a founding partner of Ray Comfort's ministry, The Way of the Master, a resource for evangelism. As parents to six adult children, Kirk and his wife understand the importance of creating memories and valuing family; they are the founders of Camp Firefly, an all-expense paid camp for terminally ill children and their families. Kirk Cameron continues to reach children and their families by hosting story-hours at local libraries throughout the country. 1

Enjoyable Works

Teach children about the dangers of pride and the importance of humility.

Children learn about the fruits of the Spirit as they follow a seed's journey to a massive tree.

Asher the Fox learns about sacrificial love during an invention fair.


Would you like to increase your child's interest in learning basic geographical terms? Guide them through the process of creating their own island or country. Brave Books has created a fictional world called Freedom Island, the setting for all adventures and lessons learned, complete with various geographical features.

Your child's island could be themed around a favorite subject or hobby. For example, a child who enjoys horses may create a horseshoe-shaped island, complete with horse themed names for each geographical feature. The number of required geographical features and complexity of the island can be adjusted to match each child's ability. In addition, each child could work independently or could work together to create one island. If your child has difficulty deciding on the shape of the island, try placing one cup of rice in a small bag, pouring it out on paper, and tracing around the rice to obtain a basic shape for the island. Geography From A To Z is a must-have resource when exploring geography with children. This resource provides thorough definitions of an abundance of geographical terms, each one carefully illustrated.

A great, easy-to-use resource for children of all ages.


As a devoted Christian, Kirk Cameron reminds us and our children of the valuable gift of God's Word that we have been given. This is a longer copywork; allow younger children to select a sentence to complete.

"Put your nose into the Bible everyday. It is your spiritual food. And then share it. Make a vow not to be a lukewarm Christian."
-Kirk Cameron


Kirk Cameron's children's books provide opportunities to further explore the fruit of the Spirit and the life cycle of seeds.

The character qualities that are developed in a Christian as a result of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit are collectively known as the fruit of the Spirit and are listed in Galatians 5. This fruit of the Spirit activity packet gives children multiple ways to practice Galatians 5:22-23 as they commit this passage to memory. A small poster of the verse to display and to use to complete the additional activities is included as well. For young children, write each character quality on a plastic fruit and have them gather them in a basket.

A fun activity to do with children of all ages is to observe the germination of a seed. Place a bean (lima or kidney beans work well) in a bowl of water to soak for twenty-four hours. Then place the bean in a glass jar with a wet paper towel pushing the seed along the side of the jar. Place the jar in a sunny location. Each day, children can sketch the progress of the germination process and rewet the paper towel, as necessary. Children should be able to see each stage of germination within a week. Each stage of germination could be made out of playdough, salt dough, or air-drying modeling clay. Gail Gibbons' book on seeds leads children through the process of germination, providing scientific details in an easily understood manner.

Learn about everything seeds as you grow your own! Fun facts about pollinators and flowers are also included.

Additional Resources

More information about Brave Books can be accessed by visiting

A quick explanation of the fruit of the Spirit
A coloring book for younger children.
Study each fruit more in-depth, complete with practical applications for the entire family.
A thorough, scientific explanation of germination for children


1. Kirk Cameron - Wikipedia

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