Hi! Thanks for checking out our website. This inaugural post will explain our intentions for the site and what we hope you'll soon find here as you explore our content. Please stick around. We have great things planned for the future!

This site was created in late 2021 by a Christian homeschooling family looking for a way to serve and encourage our fellow believers. I'm a working Dad with two young boys and my wife is a stay-at-home, homeschooling Mom. Our goal for Equip the Faithful is to motivate and equip believers to take on the world! We will be creating and sharing a variety of exciting and uplifting content including the following:


A Capella recordings of beloved hymns with unique harmonization and providing interesting background stories that will make the classic songs of our faith come to life.



Videos sharing classic devotional material by men of God from times past to motivate and strengthen the modern Christian.


Homeschooling Resources

Helpful resources for Christian homeschooling families who are seeking to raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Homeschool Mom


Articles focused on the deep truths of Scripture and helping believers understand how they apply in their lives and practice.


Timely Reports of God's Providence and Workings in the World

Great content from another site we've created, Providence Report, including weekly snapshots of news and information relevant to Christian believers as well as missionary spotlights and updates of mission work happening at home and abroad.


Administrative Posts

From time to time we will need to post technical guidance or information about the site itself for the benefit of our users.


Posts from Dad

There will also be posts with general observations and updates from me to round out our content and explain our offerings.


At this time in September 2021, we are still developing this site and putting together the tools and equipment we need to create the content. We humbly ask that you be patient with us. While we are committed to and focused on the development of content for this site, we cannot commit to a timeframe for content availability, especially during this initial phase.  


You may have noticed that we have a Membership option. If you like the direction we are planning to take Equip the Faithful and wish to partner with us and support us in developing this resource, please consider signing up for a subscription. A lot of our content will be provided freely to all users, but we intend to thank those who financially support us with access to additional 'members-only' content that we hope will be an added blessing and a sincere showing of our appreciation.

We are excited to be embarking on this journey and are so glad you've joined us!

Please bookmark our site and share it with your loved ones.

*The Equip the Faithful site is run by a Christian homeschooling family. Any financial support received through subscriptions during this introductory period will be used by our family toward the creation of content and resources and to help us pay for the costs of creating, hosting and maintaining…
Please consider supporting us through one of our subscription plans

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