If you are not seeing our videos and want help, then this post is for you!

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Embedded videos depend on cookies

If you are unable to see our embedded videos directly in Equip the Faithful blog posts, it is most likely because you declined to accept some of the third party cookies when you first accessed our site. We understand that some users may not want to accept cookies from YouTube, but without those cookies, YouTube will not allow us to share our videos with you directly within our blog posts.  

We also know that some people may decline cookies without understanding the implications. To accommodate users who declined cookies, but still want to view our videos, we provide direct links above each of our embedded videos. If you declined cookies, but regret that decision, this post will walk you through the steps to accept them and enjoy the full experience available at Equip the Faithful.

How do I know if I have a problem with embedded videos?

If you are reading a post containing embedded video, but only see the link as in the screenshot below, that means the embedded video was blocked.

Embedded videos not working :(

What we intended for you to see was the embedded video below the direct link. Embedded videos can be played in the browser and give you more options. For example, you can continue viewing the page while the video plays in the background or maximize the video and watch it without leaving the post you are on. The screenshot below shows you what it looks like when embedded videos are displaying as intended.

Embedded videos working :)

I don't remember having an option to accept cookies. What did that look like?

Since websites are now required to give users the option to accept or decline non-essential cookies, we are all used to seeing pop-ups the first time we access a site asking our permission to accept cookies. Many of us choose an option without even thinking about it just to be able to proceed. The first time you viewed Equip the Faithful, you should have seen a notice at the bottom like this:

Clicking "Decline" blocks third party cookies like the ones from YouTube, but will also have the result of preventing certain features of our site from working correctly. If you are reconsidering your choice and want to Accept cookies instead, keep reading.

How do I change my decision and accept cookies?

Once you make a choice on the Cookies Dialog, your choice is saved for that browser and you won't be prompted again for a while. However, we provide a convenient way for you to change your Cookie Preferences at any time.

Simply click this link to proceed: Cookie Preferences

The Cookie Preferences link is always available in the navigation menu:

From here you can click the "Manage Cookie Preferences" button to launch the Preferences menu:

Click the "Allow All" button to enable embedded video content.  

That's it!  You're ready to go!

I still don't see the embedded videos. Is there anything else I can do?

You could also cause the Cookies Dialog to appear again by clearing your cookies for the site. For example, in Chrome, you should see a lock icon to the left of the address bar:

This lock notifies you that our site is secure and gives you the option to delete cookies associated with Equip the Faithful. Click on the lock icon to access the following menu:

Next click on the 'Cookies' button above Site settings to see what cookies are in use:

The last step is to select equipthefaithful.com and click the Remove button at the bottom of the page. After verifying that equipthefaithful.com no longer shows up in the selection box, click Done.

Now refresh equipthefaithful.com and you should see the Cookies Dialog popup appear. This time, click Accept and enjoy!

Each browser is different and the process will vary somewhat depending on what kind of device you are using to view our site. Some browsers have cookie blockers built in that also may be causing this issue for you. If this post didn't help you resolve the problem, feel free to post a comment below and we will try our best to help you!

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